Verbesserte AG-Cup-Brustplatte, realistisches Schlüsselbein

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Breastplate Wearing Instruction Minaky Crossdress Banner Minaky Crossdress Buyer Show Minaky Crossdress Fast Free Delivery U.S. LocalWarehouse Minaky Crossdress Discreet Packing Fast Delivery Minaky Crossdress Our Mission Minaky Crossdress
Our silicones are very elastic and easy to stretch. They can be stretched to 200% without damage. Each size is suitable for different people. As long as it is not pulled hard, it is not easily damaged. Be sure to read the size chart to choose the right size. If you are not sure which size will fit you best, please leave us a message ( about your measurement(weight, height, neck circumference, chest circumference, size of the cup you want to reach) We will recommend a suitable size for you after receiving information from you.

Caucasian - Color 1, Natural - Color 2, Tan - Color 3
The bigger the number, the darker the color.
MINAKY silicone breast the longer you use, the better close to your real skin color.
If you want the deeper color, please contact us.
Color Sample Minaky Crossdress

Maintain :
·Clean them in lukewarm water with mild soap, air-dry or with towel gently.
·Keep away from hot temperature, sunshine, sharp pointy things, washing machine, chemical material.
·To avoid discoloration of other clothes, do not clean the products with other clothes.
·This product is easy dyeing. Therefore, do not wear faded clothes or jewelry. Artificial dyeing is not refundable.
·Every product is hand made with many procedures by our artists, so it is inevitable to have some tiny difference in size. And we need 3-5 days to prepare the product after your payment. 
·Remember to read the instructions carefully before using!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Ronnie Sabol
Upgraded Breastplate Realistic Clavical

Absolutely love this breastplate. I do female impersonation and perform in a band.
People actually think I had gotten surgery .
I have them in both cotton filled and silicone. I think the silicone look a little better especially when moving around because the bounce and jiggle but both are great . I have pics I would love to share. I’m on tik tok sable.reigns


Absolutely beautiful breastplate. It’s super easy to put on and take off with plenty of stretch!
A very lifelike skin texture and colouring. (Pro tip, add contouring makeup to the cleavage to give more definition)
I got a D cup but found that it made my chest a 34F rather than a D. So make sure you first measure yourself wearing the breastplate before purchasing any bras to fit.
The sculpting of the clavicle and shoulder blades adds another dimension to this breastplate that you don’t often find in others of this price point. It really adds to the beauty!
My only criticism (and it is very minor) are the nipples. They could be a little flatter and less “erect” Makes it hard to wear clothes without wearing a padded bra underneath. Other than that, I have no other complaints and I’m super happy with my purchase!

Efe Ogunwande

I was very skeptical about this but for someone who is 220lbs looks amazing on. Feels so real especially with the weight. It fits a 38dd bra, you may have to adjust the straps due to your shoulders and all but truly amazing. Definitely worth the extra money for the silicone breast. Great jiggle.

Nickolas Hahn
Perfect feel in my bra

This breastform is a nice close fit giving the breast a lovely feel that just have the right wobble when worn with my E cup bra. They heighten my crossdressing lovemaking with my wife.

Zoey Kayla

Ive had breast forms before, I unfortunately didnt understand the sizing first time around. As a cosplayer it's important to find the right size. I got everything measured and placed my order. when they arrived I was so excited I put them on the that night and oh my god they fit perfectly almost like my own skin. Better then my first experience I had.