Larger Z Cup Giant Huge Boobs Breast Forms 8G

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Breastplate Wearing Instruction Minaky Crossdress Banner Minaky Crossdress Buyer Show Minaky Crossdress Fast Free Delivery U.S. LocalWarehouse Minaky Crossdress Discreet Packing Fast Delivery Minaky Crossdress Our Mission Minaky Crossdress
Our silicones are very elastic and easy to stretch. They can be stretched to 200% without damage. Each size is suitable for different people. As long as it is not pulled hard, it is not easily damaged. Be sure to read the size chart to choose the right size. If you are not sure which size will fit you best, please leave us a message ( about your measurement(weight, height, neck circumference, chest circumference, size of the cup you want to reach) We will recommend a suitable size for you after receiving information from you.

Caucasian - Color 1, Natural - Color 2, Tan - Color 3
The bigger the number, the darker the color.
MINAKY silicone breast the longer you use, the better close to your real skin color.
If you want the deeper color, please contact us.
Color Sample Minaky Crossdress

Maintain :
·Clean them in lukewarm water with mild soap, air-dry or with towel gently.
·Keep away from hot temperature, sunshine, sharp pointy things, washing machine, chemical material.
·To avoid discoloration of other clothes, do not clean the products with other clothes.
·This product is easy dyeing. Therefore, do not wear faded clothes or jewelry. Artificial dyeing is not refundable.
·Every product is hand made with many procedures by our artists, so it is inevitable to have some tiny difference in size. And we need 3-5 days to prepare the product after your payment. 
·Remember to read the instructions carefully before using!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Immanuel Stokes

it's giving you some incredible shape. l recommend if you love exaggerated look. very good textures as always. excellent communication with the seller as well. I am currently struggling to find any cloth that would fit without giving a ridiculous first impression lol yep, works fine for me. and the neck also unexpectedly fits very well

Thomas Keeling

It was made with a new kinda texture, wearing is more comfortable. And they are REALLY huge, see the photo. I got them in about 2 weeks time delivered to the Nertherlnds (from China) Although I will wear it not often, still there are lovers of megaboobs whom I can satisfy... Kiss, Suleika Latex

Thelma Eichmann

Are the hammer. 150 cm bust. My friend is delighted.

Mukund Trivedi
Massive Mommy Milkers

Hobbyist/novice crossdresser here. I was in the market for a new set of breast forms, and these caught my eye. They arrived about six hours ago, and I am in love with them.Before I get into the pros and cons, I have just a word of warning for anyone else who might buy these; BE CAREFUL WHEN TAKING THESE OFF! The breastplate isn't like a vest or a shirt that you can just rip off when you're done with it. They can and will break if you're too rough with them. Just go slow with them and you don't damage the material. As someone who lost one breastplate because I tried this, trust me when I say that a little patience pays off with silicone titties.Pros:1. Big and lightweight. These are the biggest breast forms I've ever owned, and they are absolute units. You can see in the reference photo that I'm smothering a Monster can in them for a size comparison. Despite their girth, they are surprisingly light. For those of you in Freedomland, the 9.5kgs they list on the page is about 20 pounds, but it certainly doesn't feel like that when you're wearing them. Hell, the silicone pair I wore before this were six pounds heavier, and a third the size.2. Super comfortable. If it wasn't for the fact that I cannot see anything below me when I'm wearing these, I'd forget I had them on. Unlike the silicone pair I mentioned earlier, I'm not blatantly aware that there's an additional weight on the front of me. I've been wearing them for about six hours now and I've only felt the need to take them off once, which will be explained in the Cons section below. Hell, they're so comfortable that I fell asleep with them on, and they didn't really get in the way.3. Soft and realistic-ish bounce. The girls jiggle around a LOT when you're walking around. They're also incredibly soft to the touch, unlike some of the other forms I've tried out. I wouldn't exactly say they feel realistic, but if you're shopping for Z-cup knockers, it's likely realism is the least of your concerns.Cons1. Bit of a bitch to put on. This is the second breastplate I've had, and just like the first one, getting these on is a bit of a pain in the ass. The silicone around my back rolls up whenever I start to put my arms through the holes, and it takes a few minutes of fighting with the breastplate to get the silicone to lay flat against my shirt. (Btw, if you plan to wear these long-term like I am, I recommend wearing a shirt underneath them to prevent chafing. Trust me, it helps.)2. Trim the neck section when you get it! The neck is just a little too small, and when I was wearing it, I was constantly aware of the pressure the silicone was putting on my neck and throat. Once I took the girls off and gave the excess silicone a little trim, these became much, much more comfortable to wear.Long story short, I am extremely happy with my purchase. If I ever need a pair of giant, lightweight fake titties again, I know who to talk to!

Cooper Morar

Excellent quality, realistic coloring and details. Perfect communication with seller. I will definitely purchase again from this seller.